I help educate and support stressed, busy mums, teenager and kids achieve better sleep, improve their energy levels through cost effective, tailor made natural treatment plans suited to them, their budget and their lifestyle.

I was a very stressed out younger girl once upon a time and had to learn how to form a positive relationship with food due to my history with Bulimia. I was very unwell in my teenage years with a chronically low immune system and I was always running on empty which ruined my adrenal glands. It was not until I studied Naturopathy that I finally learnt the truth about how to be healthy, enable the body to deal with stress and how it felt to have good sleep.

It is my priority to help improve your health complaint as a team. I am here for ongoing support and it will be a journey we both go on together.

Your health should be a priority because without it, life really isn’t worth living. In this extremely busy life of yours, you need to make time to stop and listen to your body and listen to the little alarm bells it’s telling you. It’s my job to sit down and nut out what your alarm bells are and how long they’ve been ringing. Then I can work out an appropriate plan to restore them back to optimal function.

I’ll tell you now, Natural Medicine is not a quick fix, it’s going to take time and commitment, but results happen when your body is back into balance.

How long does it take?

That depends on how long your symptoms have been there, how committed you are and how you respond to the herbal medicine/supplements, diet and lifestyle advice. It’s just like planting a seedling, you can’t just put it in the soil and expect it to flourish. You’ve got to prepare the soil, add the seedling, make sure it’s in enough sunlight or not too much, water regularly etc.

Nothing in life should be a quick fix and if it is it won’t last long or there will be some nasty side effects as a consequence.

The first step is making you a priority, stop and listen to your body and seek help if you can’t manage to get completely better on your own.

I would love to be that person to help you, so do not hesitate to call 0433848828 or email kat@inaturopathy.com.au Would love to hear from you and see if I can be that person to help you take control of your health.