Carla Thomas

I met Kat around 3 years ago when she was still studying Naturopathy.

As fate would have it, we reconnected last year through other business ventures.

I recently went away to Phuket for my wedding and along with half the hotel, caught a stomach bug. I stayed home for 2 days and could not completely rid myself of the bug, even after the major effects had past.

I saw Kat straight away and she developed a very convenient treatment plan as she knew how busy I am. She was professional, quick and efficient in our consult and I didn’t walk away with a huge bill! Instead I left with a specifically tailored herbal mix which cleared the issue within 24-48 hours.

I was so pleased with how good my system was feeling on this mix that I have remained on one ever since. Kat has now developed another herbal mix tailored to help me sleep well when I have lots on my mind and is working so well!

What I appreciated most is, that instead of me coming in for numerous visits  for my issues, she found a way to combine it in one visit and make my life easier!