Kayla Vecchio

Probably ever since I was in high school (6 years ago) I have been on some sort of antibiotic or pill for my skin and to treat my PCOS.

I was so sick of going on a new pill and then stopping it and then facing the same problem, sometimes even worse!

I suffered from major cystic acne and it was at its worst around April/May this year. I posted on Facebook and was on my last hope to find something and resulted to trying roaccutane.

Kat saw my post and later messaged me notifying me about her practice and encouraged me to give the natural route a go before putting such a strong and toxic pill in my body once again.

I am so so so so so so happy I did exactly that!

Kat is absolutely amazing she has slowly and steadily gotten to the core of all my health issues, my acne being the main one but also treating my PCOS, energy levels and all round general well being.

Giving me herbals and drops daily has given me the best results and it feels so good knowing I’m not just putting a band aid over the issue but actually treating it from the core.

Kat is such a lovely person, you can tell she wants the best for her clients and I am so grateful I went through with this! The natural way is definitely the best way!

Thank you so much Kat!