Robbie Gianoncelli

I have a very hectic go go go lifestyle and it can be quite stressful at times. See I am an Insurance Broker and June is my busiest time of the year. I decided to do something about my stresses and lack of sleep to get through this busy month. Even though I was sceptical about the whole situation.

I had a consult with Kat at Invigorate Naturopathy and was shocked by the way she could pin point every thing that was wrong with me. I also have a Liver condition and Kat didn’t want to give me anything to take without doing very thorough research on the condition.

Kat gave me a plan to cut out items from my diet such as wheat and to drop my coffee intake. With the advice I received along with the liquid received I started sleeping better and felt a whole lot more relaxed.

I felt less sluggish and less tired all the time and I strongly believe that without seeing Kat I would have really struggled through that busy month.

I highly recommend anyone that has a highly stressful job to go see Kat at Invigorate Naturopathy you won’t regret it.