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Does your child regularly complain with a sore tummy or struggle to focus at school?

I love being able to support kids with completely natural treatments to support their complaints. I’ve been helping lots of kids improving their focus and behaviour at school as well as at home.

Tummy aches are something I see regularly in clinic and so many children aren’t going to the toilet often enough. Herbal medicine and dietary modification are simple and convenient ways we can improve gut health and reduce digestive complaints.

If you are seeking a natural alternative to support your child’s health and development book a consultation with me now to discover how I can help.

My daughter struggles with overwhelm at times. After our thorough session with Kat, it made Lil aware her diet needed to improve. She's taking her herbs AND her flower essences, despite resistance because she now knows these tools help her. Sometimes our kids won't listen to their Mums. Yet, listen to an outside source. Kat reflected exactly what Lily needed to hear and I am so grateful. From here I can reinforce what Lily heard and learned in Kat's session.
Tracy O’Meara Smith

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