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General Disclaimer

On this website you will find Blog posts and information of health and wellbeing. This information is provided solely for education and general advice.


I take a high degree of care to provide valuable information but I cannot be responsible for the use that you make of that information. Please be aware that the generalised health information I provide is not a substitute for specialist advice tailored to your individual circumstances. There is no professional relationship formed between us unless you explicitly choose to work with me by purchasing my services or products.

Any testimonials and promised results I display on this website are based on my experience and that of my previous clients. They are not guarantees that anyone else will achieve the same results. I may modify this information provided on this website at any time, including altering or deleting it without notice.


Please be aware that any advice I have provided on this website, in blogs and downloadable resources is general advice only.

As a Naturopath I treat the individual which means I will provide specific instructions for your indivualised treatment plan after your initial consultation with me. I expect you to use common sense and take responsibility for your own health, safety and well being.

If you have a serious health condition or illness and are taking pharmaceutical medication you will need to make sure any natural medicine in the form of dietary advice, liquid, tablets, capsules is safe for you to take before doing so.

Every single herb and nutrient has a therapeutic range and safe dosage, which may vary from person to person depending on their health complaint or condition. It is only during a initial consultation or subsequent follow up appointment that I will be ensuring safety of natural medicine prescription for your individual case.

If you are taking any natural medicine supplement for your health condition whether or not you are on medication, you are doing so at your own risk. Please seek advice from your primary health care practitioner if you have any concerns or queries.

You should never commence a natural medicine supplement, liquid, tablet or capsule or dietary advice without consulting with a professional to ensure your own safety, well being and significantly reduce any risk of negative interactions or side effects.

Please contact me directly on 0433848828 or kat@inaturopathy.com.au if you have any doubts or questions on the suitability of nutritional advice or lifestyle advice provided in this website.


By agreeing to download and receive any information through this website www.inaturopathy.com.au you are doing so at your own risk. Invigorate Naturopathy and I (Kathryn Coughlin) am not responsible for viruses or any other damage which might occur as a result of downloading material from this website.


This website may share external links from time to time to relevant sources. Invigorate Naturopathy and I (Kathryn Coughlin) am not responsible for the content of any external sites that may be linked.


Specific Disclaimer

This disclaimer relates to MY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

Initial Consultation

A face to face online or phone initial appointment. Where I conduct a thorough case taking session to evaluate current health status and investigate the root cause of any health issues or symptoms presenting. Questions will be asked to assess how body systems are functioning (digestive, reproductive, respiratory, hepatobiliary, muscular, nervous, skin, urinary), evaluate family history and any genetic predispositions to illness, evaluate personal health history, dietary evaluation to investigate nutritional status and look for any potential deficiencies or food sensitivities, intolerances, allergies. Questions will be asked regarding current lifestyle, sleep habits, exercise, work, hobbies to evaluate if any improvements to lifestyle are needed to improve presenting health complaints or symptoms. A brief Iridology reading may be conducted towards the end of the consultation as well as other physical examinations such as skin, hair, nail, tongue and/or blood pressure. Any current medications or supplements will be documented and any relevant pathology tests will be looked at.

The initial consultation is required so I can have all the essential information required to formulate a specific natural treatment plan and appropriate natural medicine prescription. All factors must be considered and assessed to perform a holistic health review and identify important systems, pathology or symptoms that are a priority for treatment. A thorough case taking session is essential to have knowledge and understanding of what the client’s current health status is, what the purpose of his or her visit is and how I can help. Medications, Supplements and Pathology results are required so I can prescribe beneficial and safe natural treatment while significantly reducing a


Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)


My clients need to be aware and understand that I am not a medical practitioner and I cannot diagnose or cure any medical condition or illness. I do not claim to guarantee results even if I have had success with another client in a similar situation to theirs who’s symptoms or illness has improved. Just like any professional in an industry I do not know absolutely everything. There will be certain health conditions I have more knowledge and experience in than others. If I do not know an answer to a question I will not pretend to know, I will do my best to research and find the correct answer as soon as possible.

During the consultation I need to know as much as possible about a symptom, illness, situation or response so I can make an accurate decision for advice and prescription to increase chances of improvements for you.

I need to know if you are allergic to any medication, food, drink, chemical, substance, herb, nutrient, supplement, material and/or animal/insect. I need to know if you are taking any drugs- pharmaceutical, legal or illegal.

I need to know if you are pregnant or trying to fall pregnant or are breast feeding.

I need to know if you have ever been pregnant in the past including childbirth and miscarriages. I need to know if you were Naturally born and/or breast fed (If you have knowledge of this).

I need to know if you are currently taking any supplements, or if you have tried supplements in the past. I need to know what sex you are and if you were born a different sex.

I need to know if you have any current medical issues or past medical issues. I need to know if you have a sexually transmitted infection or have had one in the past.

I need to you to be 100% honest with me so I can make safe and beneficial decisions to formulate a correct and accurate treatment plan.

I need to be informed if your situation or health status changes during the course of treatment, especially if falling pregnant, developing an illness or new symptoms arise.

I also need to know if anything about your health situation changes including development of a new illness, symptom or issue, fall pregnant, have a miscarriage or anything else that has changed from our last consultation.

I need to know if you have a filled prescription of a new medication or change of a current medication occurs or if you cease a pharmaceutical medication or supplement. Herbal medicine and Nutritional Supplements

You need to notify me immediately if you experience any unpleasant or unwanted side effects or reactions after commencing each new or recurring herbal medicine liquid or supplement. These unpleasant or unwanted side effects may include digestive disturbance, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, pain (anywhere in the body), headache, fatigue, dizziness, lethargy, hives, breathlessness, swelling or tingling of the tongue or any other body part. Any allergic reaction may indicate a sensitivity or allergy to a herb so it is your responsibility to notify me immediately so we can rectify or cease that particular treatment.

Please notify me if you experience any current symptom getting worse. When providing information to me during your consultation or via other forms of communication (phone, email, text, instant messenger I assume you are providing me true and accurate information.

If for whatever reason you have not provided accurate information please contact me directly and notify me. Sometimes there is a lot to remember and share, or you may feel embarrassed or just simply forget so please notify me as soon as you recall that you have left anything out as it is essential for me to have all the accurate information on your health status and history.

Follow Up Consultation/ Subsequent Appointments

A face to face online or phone initial appointment.

The first follow up consultation will generally be 1 month after your initial consultation date.

Similar to the initial consultation where I conduct a thorough case taking session to evaluate current health status and assess if there has been any progress from commencement of natural treatment.

Similar questions will be asked to assess how body systems are functioning (digestive, reproductive, respiratory, hepatobiliary, muscular, nervous, skin, urinary), evaluate personal health history, dietary evaluation to investigate nutritional status and look for any potential deficiencies or food sensitivities, intolerances, allergies.

Any new symptoms/conditions will be discussed, should they surface and investigate the cause.

Questions will be asked regarding current lifestyle, sleep habits, exercise, work, hobbies to evaluate if any improvements to lifestyle are needed to improve presenting health complaints or symptoms.

Physical examinations may be conducted again towards the end of the consultation such as skin, hair, nail, tongue and/or blood pressure. Any current/new medications or supplements will be documented and any relevant pathology tests will be looked at.

All factors must be considered and assessed to perform a holistic health review and identify important systems, pathology or symptoms that are a priority for continued treatment.

Thorough follow up consultations are essential to have knowledge and understanding of what the client’s current health status is, what the purpose of his or her visit is and how I can help.

Medications, Supplements and Pathology results are required so I can prescribe beneficial and safe natural treatment while significantly reducing any risk of potential side effects or unwanted interactions.

My qualification Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) enables me to provide this service for follow up and subsequent consultations.

Liquid Herbal Tinctures

I am qualified in Western Herbal Medicine which is a part of my Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy). I am a qualified liquid herbalist which means I can formulate and dispense liquid herbal tinctures which are tailor made for the client.

I offer these herbal tinctures because they are specific to the client’s health symptoms and illness and are tailor made with the aim to achieve desired treatment outcomes.

Each single herb has a therapeutic range including a minimum and maximum weekly dosage. This enables me to design and formulate a liquid herbal prescription with the client’s health goals in mind. I am able to choose single herbs which are more appropriate for the clients health requirements and adapt the amounts of each herb specific to the desired outcome for the tincture.

Dietary Planning

I am qualified in Nutritional medicine which is a part of my Bachelor in Health Science (Naturopathy). This means I can legally provide nutritional advice to clients.

During the initial consultation I will evaluate your current diet and ask questions about what type food you are eating on daily basis. I will be asking you to provide me with examples of your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and any deserts or treats you will eat. I will be asking about the amount of liquids you consume including water, coffee, tea and other beverages both non alcoholic and alcoholic. I will be asking you to specify what fruit and vegetables, animal and vegetarian protein sources, dairy and non dairy products, carbohydrates, fats and any other miscellaneous types of food you consume either regularly or occasionally.

I offer dietary planning as a service because it is essential to improve nutritional status, correct deficiencies and remove any food groups that may be causing sensitivities, intolerances, inflammation or contributing to the symptom or overall illness of the client.

A thorough dietary evaluation is essential to ensure a beneficial treatment plan is provided so I can make professional and accurate nutritional decisions. The consultation is a safe and non judgmental space and I want you to feel comfortable sharing your personal information about what you eat and drink. Please do not feel ashamed or embarrassed about your eating habits, I am here to help you so it is important you feel comfortable to be completely honest with me.

Events and Workshops

Educational events and workshops which are based around different health topics. Most events will be based around Stress, Sleep and Fatigue. Each event may differ slightly and may involve a collaboration with one or more other health professionals, therapists, qualified instructors or coaches and business owners.

As a qualified Naturopath is it my responsibility that I am providing accurate and beneficial information with clinical significance. I will also only collaborate with other qualified health professionals, therapists, coaches, instructors or business owners who have sound knowledge and training in their industry. This is to ensure all activities and information provided is safe and beneficial for all parties involved.

I take considerable care to provide valuable information for these events and workshops but I cannot be responsible for how you use that of that information. Please be aware that the generalised health information I provide is not a substitute for specialist advice tailored to your individual circumstances. There is no professional relationship formed between us unless you explicitly choose to work with me by purchasing my services or products in a one on one setting.


I do not provide any testing on site. All testing including pathology, saliva, hair analysis and food intolerance will be referred outside of Invigorate Naturopathy. These tests and the process for each test will be discussed during the consultation. Invigorate Naturopathy does not make any rewards or commission on the price of any test, it is at cost price and the client will pay the company directly. Herbal medicine and nutritional supplements are medicinal and therapeutic but can be dangerous if not taken as prescribed by your primary health care practitioner. All medications both pharmaceutical and natural interact so it is essential for your own safety that you provide all the information required about your current medications and supplements to me before I prescribe any additional natural medicine.

It is important you do not purchase any new supplements during the course of our treatment without checking the safety of your current prescription. Please contact me directly before purchasing any natural herb or nutritional supplements so I can advise if safe to take with your current prescription.

Please listen closely to the instructions provided verbally and in writing during your consultation and during all other communication (phone, email, text, instant messenger) in between appointments. Advice is provided to you based on your current health status, symptoms and signs and your individulaised natural treatment plan.

Please only take the dosage of any natural prescription of herbs or supplements outlined unless stated otherwise.

If you decide to seek advice or a second opinion from a different Naturopath or different health practitioner (Nutritionist, Dietician, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist) I ask that you let me know as a professional courtesy. This is your decision to make however I do not feel that other health professionals are competition and can see a benefit seeking advice from multiple health professionals. Every Naturopath will treat slightly differently and there have been numerous occasions where a client has seen myself and another Naturopath and has been mutually beneficial for all parties.

There is potential for problems to arise if the information regarding what is required and expected from the service and product is miscommunicated or not understood clearly. These terms and conditions have been written so that the reader is fully informed about how Invigorate Naturopathy intends to provide a service and products to the client. There is a lot to take in during a consultation so by writing on a prescription pad and aiming for regular communication I hope to make it clear and succinct what is expected by the client to ensure they have the best possible chance at seeing results with their own treatment.

During my studies as a Naturopath I have completed basic education of psychology and counselling as part of my degree. This is relation to being a Naturopath and essential for having the communication skills to work with clients going through their health journey which can bring a variety of different emotions. I am not a qualified counsellor so it is important to seek professional help from a qualified counsellor, therapist or psychologist when required.

If you are wanting to implement advice and treatment from myself as your Naturopath into your health care plan, please inform any current health professionals you are having treatment with. This is especially important if you are seeking treatment for significant illness such as cancer with an oncologist. It is my duty of care that I will provide advice and natural medicine prescriptions which are safe with your current health status, pharmaceutical prescription or conventional medical treatment. If you wish to cease pharmaceutical medication or conventional medical treatment you should seek advice from your medical professional practitioner, specialist or psychiatrist before doing so.


My service and natural health products are primarily intended to benefit you, and particularly apply to the following general circumstances:

Natural medicine is suitable for all ages and all stages of life. By ensuring you are eating a healthy diet, correcting any potential nutritional deficiencies and aim to assist the body into balance so that all body systems are working optimally will help increase the chance of optimal health.

As a Naturopath I will ensure I provide advice and natural treatment with adequate clinical basis within my scope of practice. I will refer to other health professionals if the situation arises where your case is out of my scope of practice. I do not guarantee results but I will do my very best to make sure you have the best possible chance with my guidance.

By agreeing to implement my advice and take any prescribed natural treatments you are doing so at your own risk and understand there may be a risk for side effects or unwanted negative effects and your symptoms or condition may in fact worsen or see no benefit at all.

Intellectual Property


The content of this website is protected by copyright. No portion of this website may be copied or replicated in any form without the written consent of Kathryn Coughlin. This website is for personal and non-commercial use only. All content may not be sold or copied without written permission. If you wish to share and content on social media this is allowed as long as it is linked back to this site.

Payment Terms


Payment for consultation services or products may be paid over the phone or in person. I have a mobile eftpos facility which I take to each clinic location and mobile consultation. Alternatively, you can pay via direct bank transfer, the bank account details will be provided when an invoice is created after the service is completed or product is prescribed.


Payment plans are available for those who request. Any payment plan arrangement will be discussed and confirmed during the consultation. A 50% deposit is to be paid on the day and the remaining balance to be organised into a payment plan depending on the client;s personal situation. If you are experiencing financial difficulty at any time during the course of your treatment, please notify me as soon as possible so we can arrange a mutually beneficial financial arrangement.


I currently do not accept online payments. I accept payments in person and over the phone with my eftpos facility and accept direct bank transfer. I do not have a HICAPS machine at any of my clinic locations. Your itemised receipt will be emailed to you after payment has been received for your consultation and you will be able to submit that to your private health fund.

Shipping and Delivery


In the situation where you cannot physically collect your herbal tincture from my clinic,  I can post either by a courier or Australia Post. This standard delivery fee is approximately $10.55 Australia wide and may take 2-5 business days to be delivered. You will be charged for postage if your herbal tincture needs to be posted. If you are needing supplements only this fee may be slightly reduced between ($8.50 and $10) as I use two suppliers Rener Health and vital.ly. Prices can vary. If you have any questions regarding this please email kat@inaturopathy.com.au


Primary clinic location

Princeton Circuit, Aubin Grove WA 6164

Online consultations- Australia only conducted by Zoom.

Please download Zoom (Free download) via the link https://www.zoom.us/signup My url link for your online consultation will be https://zoom.us/j/952142292 (please click on this link at the allocated time and date of your consultation booking).

Phone consultations

I will call you at the booked time.

When you book a consultation your contact information (Name, Mobile number and email address) will be entered into my online booking software (gettimely). You will receive a confirmation email 2 days before your consultation and a confirmation text 24 hours before your consultation.

I will ask you to complete an online health form at least 48 hours prior to your consultation via my website link www.inaturopathy.com.au/client-information

This form will take you approximately 5-10 minutes and is important that I have a brief understanding of your current health complaints, family history, sample diet, current medications and/or supplements, any treatment you have tried previously and if this is your first time seeking treatment with a Naturopath.

All initial consultations (face to face, online, phone and mobile) will take approximately 60 minutes, any subsequent consultations will take approximately 40 minutes.

During your initial consultation I will be asking you lots of different questions to get a really good idea of what’s going on with your health. I’ll be asking you questions regarding your sleep, stress, digestive system; reflux, bloating, bowel habits, reproductive system; periods if female, libido, immune system, headaches, muscle and joint health, blood pressure, cholesterol, circulation, skin, hair and nails.

As a Naturopath I treat the individual and aim to treat the root cause of any symptom or illness so it’s important I gather as much information as I can so I can provide a safe and effective treatment plan.

With the nature of the types of personal questions I will be asking if your consultation is taking place over the phone or online please be in a private location where you are less likely to be disturbed (eg. a busy cafe or work place where you may not want others to hear your answers may not be suitable).

My primary location in Aubin Grove is my home clinic, I do have a friendly staffy who lives here so you may hear him bark when you arrive. I ensure he is kept in the garage or outside during your consultation. From time to time my partner Todd may be home depending on the day of your consult, but your consultation is conducted within the privacy of my clinic room.


There is street parking available and you are welcome to park on my driveway.

I will schedule in a follow up appointment one month after your initial consultation to evaluate how your treatment is progressing. Please note frequency of follow up consultations vary and are dependent on the case and severity of your condition. Some cases require more in depth check ins and regular follow ups than others. This will be discussed after your first follow up appointment.

Cancellation Policy

I have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. If you have to cancel your consultation for any reason, please give me as much notice as possible.

If your consult is cancelled less than 24 hours, missed or cancelled last minute then 50% of the consult fee will be charged.

I have organised a confirmation email to be sent 2 days prior to your consult and a text message 24 hours prior to your consult. This provides you with two opportunities to notify me that you cannot make this consult and allow for another client to be scheduled in your place.

I understand that emergencies or unforeseen circumstances occur so please notify me as soon as possible so we can discuss this fee. If you cannot make your face to face in clinic consultation on the day we can arrange this to be done over the phone or online with short notice so let me know as soon as possible. This will prevent you from incurring a cancellation fee.

Returns Policy

Herbal Tincture


If you order a new herbal prescription or need a new supplement and a particular herb or product is not in stock, I will place an order as soon as possible and aim to have your new herbal bottle or supplement ready for collection within 5-7 days.

If I am unable to organise a courier on the day you place your order I will communicate that with you.

I will try my best to communicate regularly with you either via text or email to let you know once your herbs or supplements are either ready for collection at my clinic location or will be collected by the courier for delivery.

I will go to the post office once per week so I will notify you which day that will be so you can have a clear understanding of when to expect your delivery.


I do not offer a refund for change of mind so I encourage clients to choose carefully.

I do not offer a refund for any herbal or nutritional liquids, products. I explain in detail the potential benefits and risks of taking any natural medicine.

I also make a point to explain the unpleasant taste of the liquid tinctures so if you prefer to try a smaller bottle to see if you can tolerate the taste, please request this when we discuss treatment plan options during your consultation or during any communication discussing your next order.

Consumer Guarantees


If there is any damage to your products in transit you will need to notify me immediately and send photographic evidence of the damage. I will arrange a replacement to you as soon as possible either in person or in an improved packaging at no extra cost to you.

In the situation that I am unable to attend your scheduled consult for any reason I will do my best to give as much notice as possible and reschedule your appointment straight away to a mutually beneficial time. If the reason is due to myself falling ill and the illness continues for a considerable time I will place the consult on hold for the time being until I am fit to reschedule. If this is not suitable for you I can refer you to a trusted Naturopath to help you in the mean time.

If the consult room at either location is unavailable, damaged, or deemed unsafe for use due to a fire, flood or other situation I will reschedule at another clinic location or organise to come to you for a mobile consultation for no extra charge. In the situation where I would need to come to you, you would be charged for normal clinic fee not the additional mobile consultation fee.

During a zoom online consultation should it not work properly, I will call your phone and continue our consultation via phone call. Any time delay between contact will be added on to the total consult time so there is no loss of time.

In the event that my eftpos machine is not working I will ask you to make payment via direct bank transfer for your consultation and/or products.


In the situation that a herbal medicine liquid, product or nutritional supplement is recalled and deemed unsafe you will have a new bottle issued to you as soon as possible. This situation is rare but can happen and I will contact you immediately to cease the consumption of the specific product. I will provide a 30 minute follow up consultation free of charge if there are any health concerns or questions as a result from this recall.

As a consumer you are agreeing to take any herbal medicine in liquid or tablet form or nutritional supplement at your own risk. There may be a chance you do not see any benefit or actually see symptoms become worse.

Every single person responds slightly differently to natural medicine so if this is the case I will provide my time outside of your consultations to research and alter your treatment prescription to improve your chances of seeing benefits. This may include contacting other Naturopaths, other health professionals, company rep’s, look through research articles and text books, seek advice in forums to determine a suitable and safe alternative. If at any stage you do not wish to continue treatment with me, that is absolutely your choice and I will always be here for future support if you should need it.

I do not guarantee results or improvements in any condition or symptom.

Should you commence treatment with me you are doing so at your own risk. I am not responsible for how your body responds to natural treatment under my prescription of dietary advice, herbal medicine or nutritional supplements.

I am not held responsible in the situation should your health condition or symptoms become worse after commencing natural treatment under my care including dietary advice, herbal medicine or nutritional supplements. If this situation arises I will offer any further support required and will refer on when required.

In the situation a supplement is faulty or deemed unsafe to take please contact me immediately on 0433848828 or email kat@inaturopathy.com.au so I can organise a replacement with the specific supplier or an alternative product with similar ingredients to ensure the desired outcome may be achieved.

I do not offer refunds for any consultation service provided. If you have any concerns about your consultation, please email kat@inaturopathy.com.au and I will do my best to come up with a solution.

There are no refunds for liquid herbal tinctures that you have requested to be made up ahead of time. If you request a new herbal tincture mixture either verbally face to face in a consultation, online or over the phone or in writing via email, text or instant messenger and the herbal tincture has been dispensed you will be responsible for paying for this mixture as it a tailor made tincture that I cannot re-sell onto another client. If you are experiencing financial difficulty we will discuss a payment arrangement where 50% can be paid upfront and the balance to be divided over a suitable length of time.


Your tailor made herbal tinctures are stored in amber glass bottles which are fragile and easily damaged. Should the situation arise where you damage your herbal bottle either by dropping or breaking it. You will be charged full price for a replacement bottle. When there is no consultation fee a $5 dispensing fee will be applied to your herbal tincture price.

Visitor Information


My website is a public place where interaction is encouraged. Acceptable and respectful behaviour is expected in the event of writing a comment or communicating when another person on inaturopathy.com.au. I will delete any rude, offensive or any other comments that I deem unacceptable.


I love to work with other health professionals, business owners and experts in the health and wellness industry. I will be collaborating from time to time with others for events, workshops and share content in the form of blogs.

From time to time I will publish a blog written by a guest and share their business or health journey if relevant and aligns with my own business values. I will oversee any content that is written by them before publishing on my website.

Jurisdiction & Dispute Resolution


Invigorate Naturopathy is located in Western Australia and is subject to the governing law of Western Australia.


If you have any issue or complaint arising out of your use of this website or these terms and conditions, Kathryn Coughlin and Invigorate Naturopathy agree to make a genuine effort to resolve the dispute through negotiation and discussion


If we are unable to resolve a dispute by negotiation and discussion within 14 days, the parties must proceed to mediation with the assistance of an accredited mediator who is independent of the parties. The mediator is to be appointed by agreement of the parties or, failing agreement within twenty-one (21) days of the first notification of the dispute, by a person appointed by the Chair of Resolution Institute, (ACN 008 651 232, Level 2, 13-15 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000; telephone: 02 9251 3366, email: infoaus@resolution.institute) or the Chair’s designated representative. The Resolution Institute Mediation Rules shall apply to the mediation. We agree to share the costs of mediation equally between us.


It is a condition precedent to the right of either party to commence litigation other than for interlocutory relief that it has first offered to submit the dispute to mediation. Litigation is to be considered a last resort and may not be commenced until, in the opinion of the independent mediator, the potential for negotiation and mediation have been exhausted.

Further questions or concerns

If you have any other questions, issues or concerns about these Terms and Conditions that have not been dealt with in this document please call 0433848828 or email kat@inaturopathy.com.au.

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