Overcoming Stress and Anxiety

Do you feel a sense of overwhelm and stress as you go about your day? While we’ve been conditioned to feel that this is ‘normal’, it really isn’t.

We should not be carrying stress and anxiety around with us. They hinder our natural abilities, zap our energy and can make life a lot harder than it needs to be.


In its simplest form, stress is a natural response in our body designed to aid survival. If your body sensed you were under threat, it would respond accordingly.

Your heart would start pumping blood more efficiently to your arms and legs. Your brain would tell your lungs to start breathing more quickly to increase your oxygen intake and adrenaline would pump through your body to give you the energy you need to survive.

This is what’s known as your ‘fight or flight response’. Your body is so clever that it would also turn off  what it doesn’t need in that moment to survive, such as your digestive system.

Have you ever had an upset stomach when you were nervous for a job interview?
Maybe you caught the office cold when you felt stressed and ran-down?

These responses are all normal and designed to be short-term responses to immediate threats.

However, issues start to arise when this ‘fight or flight response’ occurs regularly on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis – especially if left untreated.

While the source of the stress needs to be addressed, the fact that it’s interrupting your life is more immediately concerning – especially if it’s getting in the way of you feeling confident, focused, energised and happy.

Whatever your lifestyle is, if you’re experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety or suffering from panic attacks, there may be imbalances in your body that need addressing.

If you’d like to learn ways to better address your stress and support yourself to be healthier on every level please contact me to book an appointment.

Kat is truly gifted in what she does. My life is hectic with 2 young kids and getting no sleep and stress to the max. Her consultation left no stone unturned.Within a week or so I had a bottle of wonderful herbs.Which helped my body relax and lure my over thinking brain in to a wonderful sleep. Now my brain and my body are syncing in perfect harmony . Thank you Kat
Niamh Cussen

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