“I have had the very fortunate pleasure of meeting Kat just over a year ago (April 2019).

I had been struggling with several things related to menopause and long-term stress.

 Kat was like a breath of fresh air for me. I was at my wits end with symptoms, struggling to find what might be long term solutions for long term health challenges.

 What I love about Kat is her beautiful nurturing nature, tied in with complete professionalism.

 Kat listens very intently and just seems to have this sixth sense and an ability to also read between the lines and really get to the core of the issue.

Coupled with a beautiful, warm, light-heartedness, to make you know and feel that you are in safe hands.

Kat to me is like a warm hug, enveloping you with pure love and kindness.

My path is a long one and will not be fixed overnight, but I know with Kats help and expertise, I am in a far better place than I was a year ago.

Kat knows her stuff and knows it well. Ultimately, I am the one who must make the changes along the way, but with Kat by my side through this process, the future is looking bright.

Kat you are one in a million and I for one am truly grateful that our paths crossed.”

– Michelle Anderson

“My daughter saw Kat due to Year 12 stress levels and not sleeping too well.

Kat’s knowledge and genuine interest has made my daughter a much happier person!!

Her sleep has improved immensely! Thank you so very much Kat.

You are truly a gift to the wellness industry!!

– Lyn Uniewicz Rosillo

“Kat is truly gifted in what she does. My life is hectic with 2 young kids and getting no sleep and stress to the max. Her consultation left no stone unturned.

Within a week or so I had a bottle of wonderful herbs. Which helped my body relax and lure myover thinking brain in to a wonderful sleep. Now my brain and my body are syncing in perfect harmony .

Thank you Kat”.

– Niamh Cussen

“I highly recommend Kat to anyone.

Besides contracting Ross River virus in September, I’ve struggled with fatigue and sleep issues for as long as I can remember.

With Kats thorough investigation and questions asked during the appointments made me quickly realise stress was causing a lot of issues for me internally.

I also suffer bloating, heartburn and very very bad period pain among other symptoms.

After finishing my first big bottle of herbs from Kat, I can happily say for the first time since being a young teenager, I had absolutely no period pain, no bloating or back pain and my mood was normal (usually get slight depression or very moody).

My sleep has improved dramatically and I just feel like my stress levels are normal even though I have a hectic work life.

Thank you, Kat, for your amazing service and herbs!”

– Sarah Pettit

“It’s so refreshing to come across a Wellness Practitioner who keeps it real. I’ve seen a few different Naturopath’s in my time, and Kat Blake is by far the best!

I felt totally comfortable in her clinic, the homely environment made me feel at ease. Kat’s easy going approach was great, I found myself opening up completely and not feeling embarrassed or judged or bad for not eating more greens.

The iridology was super fascinating and I was pleased when Kat shared the images with me and explained all the detail and meanings of what she read in my eyes.

I also appreciated knowing what herbs she chose for me and why and how they would support me.

Very impressed with Kat’s knowledge and service, I’ve even booked my 4 year old in to sort her sleep issues with herbs”.

– Nicola Hogan

“What an amazing woman!

I met Kat through a mutual business friend last year and instantly connected with her genuine down to earth nature.

I had my first appointment with her just recently. I was stoked. Totally thorough, very professional and a wealth of knowledge.

Kat honestly takes the time to listen to you, to work through what is going on for you and then collates all of that to get you back functioning at your optimum. I have recommend her to my family and friends and will continue to do so.

Thank you Kat for all your help”.

– Nat Wright

“I Highly recommend Kat, she is absolutely amazing.

Very knowledgeable, thorough and friendly!

I had seen my doctor a few times for a minor issue and didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere. Kat looked at everything from diet to sleep and old blood tests and was able to shed some light on what may be causing the issue.

I have had great results with herbs and making some dietary changes Kat has suggested. I now recommend her to everyone as I believe sometimes a different perspective can make all the difference!”

– Christine Allegretta

“I look back to the time I first decided to go see Kat…I was in a pretty bad place emotionally and at my wits end with anxiety by the way it was making me feel and controlling me.

I was on prescribed medication to keep it at bay and even then t it began to feel like it didn’t help.

I booked in to see Kat, and from the get go I found her super professional and calming. She seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say, my overall health and determined to come up with a solution to improve how I was feeling!

I think even just starting to speak with her made me feel better.

Kat did an overall health check and prescribed me my own treatment plan with some natural herbs and remedies.

Together we had a goal to slowly but surely get me off my medication with the help of herbs, nutrition and a clear mind!

I have been off medication and for me anxiety  is either a rare occasion or a memory!

I feel the best I have felt in, I can’t remember how long! So I truly thank Kat for helping me get to where I am today!

Medication free, healthy, happy & most importantly anxiety free!”

– Elyssa Cafagna

“I first met Kat 5 years ago. I had been recommended her though a family member and at a time where my health was at a horrible/scary time.

I saw results after the first couple of weeks. Kat was so patient and such a professional during the rough times.

I’m now a healthy and happier person thanks to Kat.”

-Shannon Edwards

“I met Kathryn at a business networking meeting, and quickly referred myself to her.

I had been experiencing gastro-intestinal reflux for about seven years, and more recently, high blood pressure for the past fifteen months.

Despite visiting three different GPs (one a specialist) and being ultrasounded, MRI scanned, not to mention multiple blood tests looking for viruses, after a year of frustration I was told to take Mylanta for my reflux, and a tablet every day for the rest of my life for the blood pressure.

The doctors told me that they rarely discover the source of high blood pressure, and they didn’t know what was causing the reflux.

Kathryn diagnosed me accurately at my first visit, and within three days of following her advice, my reflux had gone, and within six weeks, my blood pressure was back to normal.

Three months on, my reflux is gone for good and my quality of life has improved significantly.

I am a raving advocate for Kathryn Blake, and will tell anyone that will listen that she is a legend.”

profile_01352688637– Rob Bentley

“I met with Kathryn Blake of Invigorate Naturopathy for a series of sessions to address some health issues I had at the time.

I found Kathryn to be incredibly thorough with her assessment and really appreciated the level of detail she went into prior to developing a personalised and detailed treatment plan for me.

Kathryn is highly knowledgeable and takes the time needed to ensure that she can provide the best treatment advice to address your concerns.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kathryn and her services to others seeking complimentary and thorough support for their health concerns.”

shannon– Shannon Bush

“Kathryn from Invigorate Naturopathy is an integral part of my health team and in my opinion the best Naturopath! Over the last few years I have seen a countless number of doctors to try and find a solution to the issues I currently face with my health.

I decided to try a natural solution, and although skeptical at first, Kat has not only helped me to feel healthier through natural remedies, she has also been there to provide me with support when needed. I highly recommend Kat to anyone seeking a natural alternative to make you feel healthier.

Thank you so much Kat, looking forward to seeing you more in the future as I deal with what I still have to come”

12573748_10153370058178549_6889038059599711705_n– Rebecca Stow

“I met Kat around 3 years ago when she was still studying Naturopathy.

As fate would have it, we reconnected last year through other business ventures. I recently went away to Phuket for my wedding and along with half the hotel, caught a stomach bug. I stayed home for 2 days and could not completely rid myself of the bug, even after the major effects had past.

I saw Kat straight away and she developed a very convenient treatment plan as she knew how busy I am. She was professional, quick and efficient in our consult and I didn’t walk away with a huge bill! Instead I left with a specifically tailored herbal mix which cleared the issue within 24-48 hours.

I was so pleased with how good my system was feeling on this mix that I have remained on one ever since. Kat has now developed another herbal mix tailored to help me sleep well when I have lots on my mind and is working so well!

What I appreciated most is, that instead of me coming in for numerous visits  for my issues, she found a way to combine it in one visit and make my life easier!”

Carla-Carla Thomas

“I met Kathryn at a netball game about 2 years ago and discovered she was  a very health orientated individual with an honest and sincere passion for natural therapy / remedies.

So when I decided to look for a more natural alternative to my own health problems, Kat immediately came to mind. Although I wasn’t overly educated in the practice of natural therapies, I thought whatever Kat recommends would have to be better for me than the doctor’s prescription drugs..

I was not expecting these results though. Not only has the target issue been addressed but my motivation, sleeping pattern, energy levels and even brain activity have improved dramatically!

The best part is Kat is not only professional but also very kind natured. When I go to see her, I feel like I am talking to someone who actually cares and not just a robot with a degree.

I have and will continue to recommend her to all my friends and colleagues and anyone else I meet who needs her expertise.”

– Adriana Beach

“As a busy small business owner high stress levels and lack of sleep go hand in hand.

After one visit with Kat from Invigorate Naturopathy both of those issues have improved dramatically.

I am now able to relax and fall asleep easily and now able to sleep solidly rather than waking every couple of hours.

This sleep improvement has helped to reduce my stress levels immensely.

Thanks again Kat!”

– Bryant Hatherall

“I have a very hectic go go go lifestyle and it can be quite stressful at times. See I am an Insurance Broker and June is my busiest time of the year. I decided to do something about my stresses and lack of sleep to get through this busy month. Even though I was sceptical about the whole situation.

I had a consult with Kat at Invigorate Naturopathy and was shocked by the way she could pin point every thing that was wrong with me. I also have a Liver condition and Kat didn’t want to give me anything to take without doing very thorough research on the condition.

Kat gave me a plan to cut out items from my diet such as wheat and to drop my coffee intake. With the advice I received along with the liquid received I started sleeping better and felt a whole lot more relaxed.

I felt less sluggish and less tired all the time and I strongly believe that without seeing Kat I would have really struggled through that busy month.

I highly recommend anyone that has a highly stressful job to go see Kat at Invigorate Naturopathy you won’t regret it.”

Robbie – Robbie Gianoncelli

“Probably ever since I was in high school (6 years ago) I have been on some sort of antibiotic or pill for my skin and to treat my PCOS.

I was so sick of going on a new pill and then stopping it and then facing the same problem, sometimes even worse!

I suffered from major cystic acne and it was at its worst around April/May this year. I posted on Facebook and was on my last hope to find something and resulted to trying roaccutane.

Kat saw my post and later messaged me notifying me about her practice and encouraged me to give the natural route a go before putting such a strong and toxic pill in my body once again.

I am so so so so so so happy I did exactly that!

Kat is absolutely amazing she has slowly and steadily gotten to the core of all my health issues, my acne being the main one but also treating my PCOS, energy levels and all round general well being.

Giving me herbals and drops daily has given me the best results and it feels so good knowing I’m not just putting a band aid over the issue but actually treating it from the core.

Kat is such a lovely person, you can tell she wants the best for her clients and I am so grateful I went through with this! The natural way is definitely the best way!

Thank you so much Kat!”

IMG_20160905_152945 -Kayla

“I cannot thank Kat enough for her help with my now distant sleep problems.

I have always had trouble sleeping, more so getting and staying in a deep sleep. I would always wake up tired no matter what I did.

Kat contacted me after noticing a small line on my social media account and offered her services – up until then I had not considered a Naturopath and was destined for a future of tired days and restless nights.

After following Kat’s advice and taking her super juice I was able to get my sleep back to normal and am now sleeping peacefully and more importantly, consistently.

Highly recommend anyone who feels a bit helpless with stress/not sleeping to see Kat, she really knows her stuff!”

Testimonial Liam ODonnell – Liam O’Donnell

“I’ve always had trouble falling asleep and maintaining sleep through the night. Either waking up multiple times during the night or waking up super early and not being able to get back to sleep.

I had tried so many different types of sleeping pills, solutions, meditation.

They did help somewhat, but not the extent to what I’m recently taking.

I spoke with Kat at an initial consultation and she prescribed me a herbal sleep potion that has allowed me to sleep solidly through the night and wake up full of beans.

So I’ve said good bye to all the garbage I had been taking and loving what I’m taking now!

Thank you so much Kat”

 – Shaun James

“I hadn’t slept a full night in 29 years – then I visited Kat!

I can’t believe how much she has helped me.

From the night after my first visit, I was sleeping so much better.

She helped me understand what was actually going on rather than just giving me tablets and sending me on my way.

Four months in and I am still absolutely delighted with my results!

I’d highly recommend Kat (and I already have!)!”

– Gabrielle Campion


“I have seen six doctors and an ENT with no results, but after a couple of weeks on that wonderfully tasting tincture you custom made for me I am starting to be able to hear again.

Also finding my memory, sleep and mood a lot better and manageable!

Thanks for the professionalism and making me feel comfortable enough to confide in as I would my families GP!


– Daniel Partridge

“After I had started my business, I struggled to get a proper nights sleep.

One visit to Kat and she gave me great advice and also prescribed some liquid herbs.

I was back to sleeping through the night again.

Best thing is that one bottle was enough to stop my sleeping issues and I am still sleeping through the night!

Can’t recommend Kat highly enough!”

– Brendan Griffiths

“I meant to write this review about 10 months ago.

I had been on a holiday to the Gili Islands earlier in the year and ended up with very bad food poisoning from some prawns.

I was sick for about 3 weeks and had been to the doctor who did some tests and found nothing but still couldn’t explain why i was still unwell.

Kat made a tonic for me and within 24 hours my stomach was back to normal. Could not be more thankful or recommend her more highly!”

-Skye Jackson