Why You Should Trust Me as Your Naturopath

Naturopaths have gained popularity in the past few years with more and more of the public seeking natural health alternatives. But which Naturopath should you see? Well I want to share my experience with Natural Medicine and Why You Should Trust Me as Your Naturopath.

When I was 16 years old I was constantly run down,  I was the girl with tonsillitis, just ask my friends from high school. I skipped meals, I over exercised and I craved sugar all the time. I also did not think Sleep was important and would regularly run off 4-5 hours sleep. Needless to say I was constantly tired. On the outside I seemed to be “healthy” only just with a lower immune system than most kids my age. But I was always eating salads, would refuse lollies or chocolates when offered in social scenarios and I kept active playing lots of sports and exercising to keep slim.

It wasn’t until I saw a Naturopath, that I realised what healthy felt like.

My Mum took me a long to a clinic in Mt Lawley and I remember seeing the Naturopath call us in and her skin looked immaculate. She was very slim and full of energy. I immediately thought I trust this lady, I need to take her advice. She put my views on being healthy into the bin and started telling me truth.

 I was like most teenage girls, I read Cosmo, wanted to be skinny and believed every TV and Celebrity when they said what you should do to lose weight. I assumed eating a bowl of just right and flavoured yoghurt in the morning was healthy because that’s what it said on the packaging? I also thought leaving protein out of my salad was better for me because it was nice and light and I didn’t feel “full” after eating it. I thought I needed to exercise constantly even when I had tonsillitis because otherwise I would get fat.

All these things were sending me down the path to ill health and thank god I saw Natalie when I did. She treated me with herbal medicine, fixed my nutritional deficiencies with healthy eating and nutritional supplements.

Year 12 came along and we were all advised we should be applying to Uni’s and going to their open days to learn more about our preferred courses.  As I lined up behind 50 eager 17 year old girls at the Mass Communications and Commerce Line I thought “is this how popular this course is, geez going to be a tough industry “.

The next week I visited an open day for a Natural Medicine College, where I fell in love and my passion came alive. As I sat and heard the lecturers speak it all made sense and something inside me made me feel comfortable and it felt right. I then went into another room where a final year Naturopath student gave me a complementary Iris reading, This final year student shared information about my low immune system and eating habits that she would not have known. She told me to eat more protein and that I needed to stop eating in a hurry.

This was the icing on the cake where I just knew it was for me.

6 years later I became a fully qualified Naturopath and was eager to start my own business and help clients just like my Naturopath helped me. Unfortunately there was one aspect of being qualified that my training had not prepared me for..starting a small business!

The day to day hardships of running a small business alone soon became a reality and I had to seek full time work in another field to supplement an income while I built a client base up after hours and weekends. 3.5 years later I am in a much nicer position working more hours in my business than ever before and enjoying every second of it.

Life is busy, stressful, hard and a huge emotional rollercoaster…even for a health professional! When times are tough we have to sit back and tell ourselves all the things we tell our beautiful clients. We have to take off our practitioner hat from time to time and spend some time on ourselves and focus on what our own body is telling us.

I specialise in Stress and Sleep issues because I know first hand exactly how those two aspects of health can affect your quality of life.

I have been the stressed run down sugar craving person that regularly walks into my clinic. I know what herbs work because I take them myself, regularly! If I had not used natural medicine to heal myself I worry about the path I would have gone down, because I would still be that person believing every TV show, magazine article and celebrity endorsed diet which are not true representation of health.

If this sounds like you then please let me to show you how it feels to get through your day with energy and a calm state of mind.

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