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We are living in such a strange time at the moment going through this Pandemic.

Stress and Anxiety have been at an all time high for most of the world.

I’ve seen many women’s cycles being affected by this over the last few months- if you’re wondering why your period was a bit strange, late, heavier, more painful etc. don’t be alarmed. You’re not alone. It’s due to everything going on.

One thing that has stood out is people in stress mode are less likely to be nice to others, especially strangers.

We saw the videos of people pushing people over and fighting to get their hands on items such as toilet paper.

Being rude is one of my pet hates and unfortunately I see the result of health professionals being rude to clients more than I should.

Clients come in and explain they have had terrible experiences trying to figure out why they feel so tired, unwell, not themselves.

Naturopath’s cop a lot of negative opinions from other health professionals that think we aren’t qualified. Unfortunately the person sitting in their clinic then cops the brunt of these opinions when they are just trying to seek alternative ways to get help and support.

There is no room for ego in medicine, whether it’s natural medicine or western medicine.

The patient or client sitting in front of you should be the number 1 priority and you should do whatever you can to listen and support them.

If they choose to seek treatment through a Naturopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapy, Osteopath, Bowen therapist, Acupuncturist, Reiki therapist, Counsellor, Kinesiologist….you should encourage them for being proactive in their health journey. That person is wanting help and they need to find out what modalities work best for their body.

In a time where self isolation has become part of the new “norm” we are craving human connection more than ever.

So it’s important we all remember that being nice shouldn’t be something we have to think about, it should be a given.

You don’t know what that person has been through leading up to the moment they meet you, you don’t know how many times their symptoms have been dismissed, or how desperately they want help.

It doesn’t cost anything to be nice.

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