WARNING..Rant beginning now!

Wow, the stories I hear in clinic from the experiences clients go through amazes me.
I have just finished with a lovely new client of mine who is having a very hard time with her periods.The pain is so severe the first 2 days of her cycle that she is regularly bed ridden. On occasion, her pain is so bad that she will collapse and have to go to the hospital.

After chatting with her she mentioned her last visit to the hospital was in the early hours of the morning and decided to see her regular GP the following day as she just wanted to get home to bed.

At her appointment the next morning her GP said to her “maybe you’re overreacting to the pain”…….I was in complete shock hearing this. This poor lady is obviously struggling and wanting some answers to what’s going on and collapsing and having to be taken to the hospital is not an over reaction.

During our consult she also informed me she saw a hormone specialist recently who suggested to her that she only really had two options to solve her problems either go on the pill or have a baby.

No wonder this poor girl is confused and is losing confidence with medical professionals.

So ladies…I felt the urge to please inform you that if you are in a situation where your periods are unbearable, you’re bed ridden or fainting do not put up with it. It isn’t normal and you’re not overacting.

Taking the pill is not the only option…putting synthetic hormones into your body to give you a false sense of hormone balance does not solve the long term issue. When it comes to the time that you want to have a baby and want to get off the pill…guess what’s going to happen?

Please come and see me for a chat, so we can work out what is going on down there and refer for a salivary hormone and cortisol test.

My recent test results showed a young client in her 20’s showed the hormone profile similar to that of a Meonpausal women in her 50s…it’s no wonder she had no libido, no energy and didn’t have a period for 5 months!

There is so much we can do from a Naturopathic point of view and help balance those hormones naturally, get your digestive system working, your energy, your sleep, your mood….everything. Everything is linked and you should be treated holistically not just given a synthetic hormonal pill to put a “bandaid” over your period pain.

If you want to know how I can help you please call 0433848828 or email kathryn@inaturopathy.com

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