Being Healthy Is A Lifestyle Not A Diet

Being Healthy is a Lifestyle not a diet

Have you tried every diet under the sun and still end up putting on weight or ending up heavier than when you started?

There is no quick fix when it comes to being healthy and crash or fad diets that limit food groups or cause you to starve yourself will only cause you harm in the long run. You have to Be Healthy to Lose Weight. You need to change your way of thinking and remember being healthy is a lifestyle not a diet. If you have imbalances in your body and have a large amount of inflammation your body will do everything it can to prevent shedding fat.


Take a look at that packet you just bought off the supermarket shelf and see what ingredients are listed to make sure it is able to sit on the shelf and not go off? I bet there is salt, sugar and probably some preservatives right? Maybe a lot of preservatives? Now think about how your body is going to digest these ingredients, are they going to fuel your body with nutrition or are they going to throw in empty calories and increase acidity? Fresh is always best! Know what you’re eating and make things in the kitchen. Listen to your body when you eat food, are you experiencing bloating or burping soon after? Are you running to the toilet? Your body sends you signs every day to let you know if your meals are being digested well or if there are any issues. You wont notice these signs if you are always eating on the run and rushing to inhale each mouthful so your stomach won’t grumble in your next meeting. Schedule a 20-30 minute meal break in your working day, sit down, focus on what you’re eating and enjoy your meal.


Ever see those “fit” people who are always at the gym?

Well they look fit because they exercise regularly every single week. Exercise is so important to incorporate into your daily schedule. Yes I know you are busy, we all are! I guarantee you there is someone much busier than you who still make time to exercise. Exercise is not just to lose weight. Exercise reduces stress, produces endorphins which help us feel happy, improves our sleep and increases our energy levels. Is that enough reasons? Our bodies were made to move regularly! Have you seen what happens to a dog that doesn’t get his regular walks? He gets borred, sick, destructive and may even try to escape!


We are so lucky to have the best medicine which is free and available to us every single day no matter where we are in the world. That medicine is sleep! I continue to tell my clients to make sleep a priority. Too many of us try and do one last task or send another email after we finish dinner which always takes longer than expected. For optimum body function, Adults require 8 to 8.5 hours of solid sleep. This doesn’t mean retiring to bed 8 hours before your alarm is set. It means 8-8.5 hours of us lying down with our eyelids closed asleep.


Our bodies are 70% water without it we would not be able to survive! Dehydration can affect the ability to detoxify our blood. It can also impact the natural circadian rhythm in the body leaving us energetic when we should be retiring to bed. The brain is protected by outer membranes which consist of fluid. During dehydration, these membranes loose moisture and cause headaches. If you think water is boring to drink, add fresh fruit to your drink bottle (Goji berries, strawberries, lime or lemon). You should not get to the point where you feel thirsty or drink so much that your urine is completely clear. Aim for 8 glasses of water a day and drink gradually throughout the day!

REPEAT these steps every single day to live your Life with energy and your weight will naturally come off.

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