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We can’t always control the stress our environment brings.

Whether it’s kids, work, deadlines, financial stressors, sometimes it just it is what it is.

BUT (yes there’s a big but) you can control how your body responds.

You can control what you do to support your nervous system. You can control how your react (well if your hormones are balanced you can).

If you are someone that is constantly rushing around not able to catch a breath, saying you’re too busy to prioritise your health then you need this reminder.

Look I’m not going to try and say it’s easy, everyone’s situation is different but chances are there’s always going to be something needed to be done even when you have smashed out a extremely productive day.

If your nervous system is under stress you are more likely to react negatively to situations, you know when “shit hits the fan”. If you have exercised, done some yoga or meditated chances are you’re going to be in a better state of mind to face the issues the day brings.

If you have had too many coffees and skipped meals you’re not providing your body with the nutrients it needs to produce beneficial neurotransmitters like serotonin.

Which means you’re not going to have the building blocks for optimal mental health, focus, concentration.

Ladies if you are on the pill you have no progesterone which means you’ll be less calm, more PMS-y, have a busier mind and react easier aka “a moody bitch”.

Excess cortisol also lowers progesterone in those women who aren’t on synthetic contraception so you’re more likely to be highly strung and not to mention have not-so-enjoyable periods (sore boobs, bloating, fluid retention, breakouts, hair that’s weak and falling out).

If you’re not satisfied by the way your body is feeling and looking or how you never stop thinking about everything (especially at bedtime) then there’s so many things we can do to improve things.

You’re worth more than just putting up with these things.

Your body has been trying to tell you something is out of balance for a while now, you just need to stop and listen to it.

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