DIY supplements isn’t the best idea.

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Why just pick a supplement off the shelf at your local store…

when you don’t really know if you need it,

when you don’t really understand what the ingredients will do in your body,

when you might need a stronger dose of a specific herb,

when that herb might not be beneficial for your condition.

I know the label sounds good, it sounds like it’s just what you need right?

Well did you know each herb has a weekly minimum and maximum dosage?

If you take a supplement with multiple herbs in there, you might not be getting enough of the specific herb you need.

This is where a Naturopath or liquid herbalist is integral to selecting your suitable natural medicine treatment.

Your qualified health practitioner with experience in herbal medicine will select specific herbs (and their dosages) suited to your symptoms, your condition, your gut, your tolerance, your constitution.

That bottle is a blend formulated for you, it’s individual, just like you. So you know you can trust you’re in the best hands and on your way to getting results. Best part is your Naturopath will be able to modify your dosage so easily if that particular mix isn’t as effective as you both had hoped for.

We can lower your dosage if it’s too strong, we can increase your dosage if it’s too weak.

We can reduce the amount of herbs in your bottle to ensure maximum strength of specific herbs are achieved.

Your situation and your health is 100% unique so your treatment should be too!

If you would like to try a tailored liquid herbal formula specific for what your body needs, let me know

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Anxiety, Insomnia, Stress Treatment | Invigorate Naturopathy


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