Nicola Hogan’s 5 Self Care tips for Over Indulgence

Nicola Hogan is a Holistic Therapist and Self Care Mentor, who enthusiastically shares her love of reflexology, aromatherapy and meditation with her clients. Nicola practices from Earth Point Energy Centre in East Perth and has also presented at the Mind Body Sleep events. When she is not treating clients, you’ll find her writing blogs and […]

Here’s my story

  “I love helping busy and stressed mums switch off their busy mind and get some much needed sleep at night”. Why should you trust me as your Naturopath? Because I have experienced adrenal burn out and insomnia and I know what works. And because I probably want you to see results more than you […]

4 Tips To Manage Wedding Stress

  So you’re engaged! All the congratulations flood in from friends and family, you’re bursting at the seams with excitement!   And now the planning begins – date, location, how many bridesmaids, the Dress, guests…. Guests… Your mother in law tells you that you must invite your fiance’s cousin Lewis because “he’s family”. But the […]

Ladies, We Need To Talk!

For some reason women are ashamed to talk about their feminine areas when they are unwell. I wanted to write this because I am hearing from my female clients regularly they are given terrible health advice (or lack of) on what to do when there are infections or how to prevent them. First and foremost […]