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Nicola Hogan’s 5 Self Care tips for Over Indulgence

Nicola Hogan is a Holistic Therapist and Self Care Mentor, who enthusiastically shares her love of reflexology, aromatherapy and meditation with her clients. Nicola practices from Earth Point Energy Centre in East Perth and has also presented at the Mind Body Sleep events. When she is not treating clients, you’ll find her writing blogs and articles, taming her 3 kids and ginormous pumpkin vine or heading out for adventures in nature. 

This morning I was at a client’s house for a Mobile Reflexology session. When I asked how she was doing, she replied “hungover from a late night of work drinks on Saturday”.


Yes, it is that time of the year again. I know I was feeling a little more tired than usual this morning. Yesterday afternoon I hosted a Christmas High Tea for my extended family. Champagne in the afternoon, rich Christmas cake and fruit mince pies. Tiny pastries filled with cream cheese and smoked salmon. Petit fours and chocolates. Gin and tonics. All very delicious and decadent.

Tis the season, right?

December and January are typically that time of the year where we enjoy a little more festive cheer and food than normal. Not only does this feel great at the time – we’re happy, tipsy and relaxed. It is not uncommon to wake up the next day with a headache or sore tummy. And the older you get, the harder it is to recover the next day(s). *Note, I do not know if this is scientifically proven, it’s just my experience, having turned 40 this year, recovery time seems to have doubled!

There are a few tricks that I have discovered along the way to help support the body recover from over indulgence. Holistic tools like self-massage and aromatherapy work wonders for your body and are healthier and healing on your already hardworking liver and kidneys than popping a few Panadol and chowing down on a Big Mac and fries. Ask your naturopath, she’ll back me up on this one.

My 5 Top Self Care Tips for Over Indulgence

Hydrate. Sounds simple, doesn’t it. Before going to bed after a particularly indulgent evening, I’ll drink a pint of water and usually a peppermint tea. In the morning, I skip my traditional long mac and create a jug of water. I add thin slices of cucumber, ginger, orange, lemon and fresh mint, lots of ice and filtered water to a 1-liter glass jug and sip on this all morning. If I am going out, I’ll fill my drink bottle and sip on the go. I’ll refill this jug throughout the day and continue sipping.

Foot soak. I love soaking my feet. I admit, I do prefer a good soak in a bath, but my house doesn’t have one. I can feel a little guilty about the water used and wasted with a bath. In my foot bath I add to warm water a half cup of magnesium salts and 2 drops each of lavender, peppermint, orange, geranium and basil essential oils. When I am finished, I tip the water out onto my garden.

Self-reflexology. After a foot soak, I’ll massage some reflex points on my feet. Foot reflexology is the practice of sedating or stimulating specific zones on the feet. The entire body is mapped out on the feet and when massaged, can have a positive impact on whole body wellbeing, from the inside out. At this time of the year, I give extra love and attention to my Liver, Kidney, Adrenals, Stomach and Thyroid points. Locate each point on your foot and apply a gentle but firm circular massage pressure for 1 – 2 minutes.

Aromatherapy. There are many different ways to utilize the magical properties of essential oils. When it comes to a hangover, diffusion is by far my favourite way to use aromatherapy. Place water in a diffuser or oil burner and add up to 10 drops of any of the following oils, or a combination. Try lavender, peppermint and lemon for relaxing, soothing and uplifting energies. Other essential oils that may help hangovers include rosemary, grapefruit, orange, lime, basil and marjoram. Along with diffusing, try an aromatic dressing. Here’s how; after showering, take a quarter cup of base oil (coconut is good, so is almond or even olive oil), add 10 drops of your chosen blend of essential oils and massage all over your body, paying lots of attention to you head and neck, being careful not to get any in the eyes. You could also work on those Reflex points on your feet.

Meditation/Walking. Before you shut all the curtains and curl up on the couch in a ball for a Netflix binge, try some light exercise like walking and include meditation. It might be the last thing on your mind, but slipping on your trainers, a hat and your darkest sunglasses can ease your hangover quicker. It’s about getting your circulation flowing and metabolizing the night before quicker. Also, fresh air just feels Pop your ear buds in a listen to a guided meditation and you’ll be tuning out your headache faster than you slammed down those tequila shots. If you can’t manage the exercise, lay down on you bed with a cold flannel. Maybe add a couple of drops of peppermint and lavender essential oils and breathe. Again, a guided meditation will be useful here and there are so many to choose from. Head over to YouTube and search guided meditation for hangovers. This can sometimes turn into sleep, but that is okay, your body needs the rest! The practice of meditation can help to soothe and relax tension in your head or ease your stomach after an over indulgence.

It is the silly season, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw all of your good habits and get your festive cheer on every day (but if you do, there’s no judgment here).  Self-care also means tuning in to your body. It’s a trusting and knowing when you’ve had enough, when you need to rest and when you just need to drink sparkling water and eat a big bowl of rainbow veg. By all means have fun and enjoy yourself, I know I will. But know that you have simple, easy holistic tools on hand to help support your body through the over indulgence. And, maybe pre-book in with your Naturopath for a herbal liver tonic in the new year!

Here’s my story


“I love helping busy and stressed mums switch off their busy mind and get some much needed sleep at night”.

Why should you trust me as your Naturopath?

Because I have experienced adrenal burn out and insomnia and I know what works. And because I probably want you to see results more than you do.

There is no better feeling than a client thanking me for my help saying they are feeling better, they’re sleeping well, their digestive pains have gone.

My clinic room is a safe space- I want you to feel comfortable sharing your health issues with me. I need to know all the details so I can help you get better.

I’m going to ask you lots of weird and wonderful questions about your poo, about your urine, about your sex drive. There is no need to be embarrassed about anything your body is doing. If it’s out of balance it will be doing weird things to try heal it self and let you know.

Here let me explain how I got to where I am today.

I suffered with Bulimia and Obsessive Compulsive Exercise Disorder in my teenage years. I would be extremely strict on my self with diet and exercise Monday to Friday and come the weekend I would binge on junk to the point of throwing up. The guilt I felt after binging was enormous.

I was playing netball, basketball, did swimming and did dancing at school. But that wasn’t enough to keep the fear of getting “fat” away. I would wake up at 5.30am every morning and do yoga and aerobics oz style before school. I would either run after school or do 100 sit ups and 100 star jumps right before bed- which for me was around 11pm or midnight.

I was following a vegetarian diet most of the time but not properly. I wasn’t combining my vegetarian protein sources and as a result became very protein deficient. This combined with my insomnia, excessive exercise and high stress levels my immune system was shot.

I would become ill with tonsillitis regularly, nearly every few weeks. One bout of tonsillitis developed into laryngitis then went into my chest and I suffered with Bronchitis, eventually turning into glandular fever. My immune system has never been the same.

My mum decided to take me to a Naturopath because we were both sick of filling scripts of antibiotics- clearly this was not the answer as I kept getting sick.

I saw my first Naturopath and I finally started healing.

So naturally when it was time to finish high school and decide what I wanted to be when I grew up- I decided to study Naturopathy.

It was here where I developed a healthy relationship with food because I started learning how each nutrient is utilised in the body. I was fascinated that we don’t just eat healthy to look good- each nutrient is required for a biochemical process in body. For me this was a huge eye opener and such an essential stage in my journey to better health.

While studying I knew I wanted to work in clinic and be my own boss. The career path I had chose was so rewarding- to be able to help people improve their health and get paid for it- it was my dream job.

However I knew nothing about business so being my own boss was short lived. I soon realised being in business wasn’t easy! I had zero marketing experience and no clients, I had no idea how to be in business. So I started cleaning houses, working at a health food store and doing bits and pieces while trying to build up my clientele.

After a few months I realised it wasn’t going to pay the bills and I looked into getting a full time job. I began working on front desk at an Orthodontic Clinic. I did this for 2 years while I worked in my business seeing clients on Wednesday nights and Saturdays.

As I started growing my business it became too hard to maintain the level of care for my clients only working evenings and weekends. My friend who was a successful small boutique gym owner needed a part time assistant and could see I needed more hours to grow my own business. So I left the full time job and worked  a few mornings as a studio coordinator for the next 2 years.

This was exactly what I wanted as I now had the security of a wage but was able to spend most of my week growing my business. And that I did! I started learning more and more about business and marketing and learnt about my ideal client- who I wanted to work with.

My work life balance started to disintegrate. When I was busy I would be working in my home office late into the evening and seeing clients on weekends. My relationship suffered. The ironic part was that I would be writing treatment plans for clients to improve their stress and start achieving the work life balance themselves- but I wasn’t doing it for myself.

My partner and I separated and I was left with the stress of trying to run the household for myself and my dog on my own. I wasn’t even sure I would make rent or be able to feed my dog.

Then my whole world changed 4 days after my 28th birthday my big brother was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer.

A otherwise fit and healthy 34 year old non smoker had cancer…

You have got to be kidding me.

It was as if the universe was telling me something.

I had a real hard look at myself and my world as it was and decided enough was enough.  I decided to hand in my resignation at the gym and take the huge leap into being full time Naturopath.

I locked myself in my home office and researched everything there was to know about my brothers cancer. I called my trusted mentor Naturopath and  spoke with the owners of businesses who stocked products to help with cancer treatment.

Suddenly my focus was on nothing else but my brother and I would do everything in my power to help him fight this. I knew I needed to be well myself to help him.

So I practiced everything I knew and doubled my doses of adrenal loving herbs, ensured my veggie intake was optimal and started getting a lot more down time- more baths, booked in for regular chiro appointments and continued with my exercise program.

By this stage my partner and I started working through our challenges and he moved back in. I started to work on bringing balance back into the home and the shift happened. Our relationship blossomed and I started feeling happier.

Fast forward to 2 months after my brothers diagnosis and I received the best news I have ever heard- the cancer was gone…completely gone. My entire family was ecstatic.

I got through these events because of my knowledge and expertise with stress. I know what to take, what to eat, what to do when life throws these massive curve balls. I have lived through horrible and extremely stressful moments as most people have.

I have a strong family history of dementia, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular issues. Your genetics are only one part of your makeup- it is up to you and your lifestyle on how those genes effect your health.

If it wasn’t for herbs and being a Naturopath I would not have made it through last year.

I wanted to share all this because I know what it feels like to go through a breakup, hear a cancer diagnosis from your close family member, see your grandparent go through dementia to the point they don’t even know who you are. I’ve suffered with an eating disorder, lived with the lowest immune system, I’ve had reproductive issues, I still have acne. I have good and bad days like you.

My clients will tell me I seem like I have my shit together but it’s because I have the tools to cope and help my body cope. It’s taken years of practice and a lot of adrenal herbs!

I suppose I am sharing this with you because I want you to know there is a natural solution to help you get through whatever it is you are going through and come out the other side stronger.

There is someone who gives a crap and wants to help you.

If you need me, you know where I am.

Let’s talk about sex baby!

Ok so it’s time to open the can of worms on what is often spoken about in circles of girlfriends.. “How many times do you have sex with your partner?”

Maybe I’m bias being female, but I hardly ever hear males talking openly about their sex lives when they are in a relationship unless prompted.

I ask the question in clinic every day “How is your libido?” 8 out 10 clients will respond with a smurk asking “what’s that” or tell me it’s non existent. The remaining 2 will say it’s normal, not high but reasonable.

I think we let life and being busy become our excuse or reason as to why  we don’t feel like it tonight…maybe tomorrow?

Well I’m going to shine a light on this ”not so naughty” subject.

Why? Because a healthy libido is a sign of good health and healthy hormones.

I have been listening to some brilliant podcasts lately surrounding relationships. Dr Jolene Brighton is a Naturopath/Biochemist and was recently on a podcast featured on Bulletproof radio.

One thing Jolene said “I don’t care if you never want to have a baby, that’s totally fine. But you should always be fertile and wanting to have sex, as long as you’re in those fertile years.”

In my experience there seems to be a lack of understanding with the libido.

When there is a lack of understanding of the physical causes behind a lowered sex drive and also a lack of communication, it may result with an insecurity within that relationship.

Clients will say to me that they feel they are letting their partner down and feel guilty about not giving them what they need, but they just don’t feel like they have any interest in doing the deed.

So I wanted to shine a light on the mechanics of a healthy libido and what physical aspects of our health can cause this to diminish.

Move and Rest

Our bodies are designed for movement as well as rest. Without these two simple things regularly, our health is compromised.

So naturally a lack of sleep can reduce your libido. Sleep conditions such as Sleep Apnoea are also a potential cause of lowered sex drive.


Medication is also another factor to consider. Especially women who take the oral contraceptive pill. Hormonal imbalance can cause not only libido reduction but vaginal dryness and difficulty reaching orgasm.

This can cause what is meant to be an intimate pleasurable experience with your partner into a painful and frustrating’s no wonder if she’s too tired, it hurts and she’s not going to enjoy the experience to climax then she’s not really that excited to take off her clothes for him am I right?


The thing with hormones is that once one hormone is imbalanced, it affects all of the other hormones too. When we are stressed our hormone cortisol can be in excess then lead to depletion when we are in the “burn-out” stage.

As a result, our female hormones that would normally allow a natural pregnancy begin to compensate and become imbalanced as the body is in survival “fight or flight” mode. The body is pretty much saying “I am in a state of survival, this is not a safe environment to reproduce.” This could be the reason why a lot of stressed and extremely busy couples struggle to fall pregnant, which stresses them out more…


Looking at males, Testosterone is the main hormone which drives the libido. Studies have shown there is a link between depressed males and lowered testosterone levels.  Like women, stress will lower the libido in males also. There is also the issue when there is a fear or performance with males whether it be erectile dysfunction or the fear of ejaculating too soon. All these things we need to take into consideration when evaluating the reasons as to why a man has a reduced libido.


I was recently listening to another podcast on the Tony Robbins podcast where relationship expert Esther Perel was talking about all things intimacy.

An interesting thing she brought up about behaviour was that men have a desire to be able to provide for their significant other whether that be love or financial or something else. If they have that sense of providing, then they’re mindset and hormones are improved.

Women are natural carers and nurturers. If a woman feels like her partner is so dependent on her she will feel like their mother figure rather than their lover. In this situation she will not be aroused or have a high libido as it is not in the natural for a mother to want to make love to their child. So the woman needs to feel like she is the partner, the lover rather than the nurturing mother.

The take home from that expert- Ladies let your man provide for you, even if it means asking for help for something small. It will help them get that much needed boost of Testosterone.  Guys- Allow your woman to be your lover not your mother. Offer to do the housework or make the lunches, ask if she needs a hand with something. Let her know you are there as a team and she isn’t your mother figure.

Mind Body connection

So I think it’s safe to say that libido is both a physical and mental aspect of one’s health. When everything is working well and sound health is maintained then that persons sex drive will also be working well.

So what advice can I offer as a Naturopath?

Well I may be bias as I specialise in Stress and Sleep, but it’s quite clear that without movement or rest the health will not be working at optimal level.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of health, we all know we feel better after a good nights sleep. Which is why I am so passionate about helping people achieve this. When we live in such a stressful life our cortisol levels are all over the place. If cortisol levels are high then our production of serotonin is low. That’s our happy hormone, so yes there is a mechanical reason why you feel happy when you are well rested. We have also heard it many times before that exercise makes us happy, why? Because when we exercise our endorphins are increased which leads to a boost of serotonin.

If only it were that simple to get enough sleep and manage to exercise every day right?

It isn’t simple because it requires constant commitment from you to prioritise and make sure you put your health first.

  • Eating healthy meals regularly through the day, especially breakfast is one simple thing you can implement.
  • Stay off your screens for at least 30 minute before bed.
  • Setting yourself a goal to exercise at least 3 times per week- the weather is warming up so there is no excuse to sit inside- go for a walk instead- take your partner, your dog, your kids, everyone will benefit.
  • Schedule some down time. Wind down after a busy day/week. Calm that busy mind of yours. Meditate, stretch, get some fresh air, sit in quiet room, read a book or have a bath. You need to make time for you.

There are so many things we can do each and every day to help improve our health which is going to boost our libido and in turn improve our relationships. I hope this has given you all some insight to why you or your partner is struggling to have the desire to be intimate with you.

There should not be guilt associated with this, there is an imbalance of something which needs to be addressed. Maybe more than one thing. It’s important to talk about it, investigate the possible causes eg. (hormone testing if needed) and seek help or advice to improve the situation.

It is very easy to just think your partner is no longer attracted to you or on the flip side that you are failing as a partner because you have no desire to be intimate. There is no need to create thoughts of insecurity when there is solutions available.

Communicate, investigate and seek help!

If you would like more information on how I can help improve your libido through natural medicine and  a tailored treatment plan suited to you, your budget and your lifestyle then please email or call 0433848828.





WARNING..Rant beginning now!

Wow, the stories I hear in clinic from the experiences clients go through amazes me.
I have just finished with a lovely new client of mine who is having a very hard time with her periods.The pain is so severe the first 2 days of her cycle that she is regularly bed ridden. On occasion, her pain is so bad that she will collapse and have to go to the hospital.

After chatting with her she mentioned her last visit to the hospital was in the early hours of the morning and decided to see her regular GP the following day as she just wanted to get home to bed.

At her appointment the next morning her GP said to her “maybe you’re overreacting to the pain”…….I was in complete shock hearing this. This poor lady is obviously struggling and wanting some answers to what’s going on and collapsing and having to be taken to the hospital is not an over reaction.

During our consult she also informed me she saw a hormone specialist recently who suggested to her that she only really had two options to solve her problems either go on the pill or have a baby.

No wonder this poor girl is confused and is losing confidence with medical professionals.

So ladies…I felt the urge to please inform you that if you are in a situation where your periods are unbearable, you’re bed ridden or fainting do not put up with it. It isn’t normal and you’re not overacting.

Taking the pill is not the only option…putting synthetic hormones into your body to give you a false sense of hormone balance does not solve the long term issue. When it comes to the time that you want to have a baby and want to get off the pill…guess what’s going to happen?

Please come and see me for a chat, so we can work out what is going on down there and refer for a salivary hormone and cortisol test.

My recent test results showed a young client in her 20’s showed the hormone profile similar to that of a Meonpausal women in her 50s…it’s no wonder she had no libido, no energy and didn’t have a period for 5 months!

There is so much we can do from a Naturopathic point of view and help balance those hormones naturally, get your digestive system working, your energy, your sleep, your mood….everything. Everything is linked and you should be treated holistically not just given a synthetic hormonal pill to put a “bandaid” over your period pain.

If you want to know how I can help you please call 0433848828 or email

Why You Should Take A Closer Look At Your Test Results

We have all been there before…  we request a blood test through our GP and on review of the results they inform us that everything seems to be “within range” and we are good to go.

Now on paper this may be the case but you sit in the car on your way home from the doctors surgery and think;

“why do I still feel unwell, if all my bloods are normal?”

Well you are not alone.

I see this regularly in clinic, where clients present to me with a condition and when they show me their blood test results they say “My doctor said everything was normal”.

As a Naturopath we are taught to look much more closely at those results. Where are you exactly in the normal range? Are you on the lower end, smack bang in the middle or on the higher end?

Where you sit in the range is very important information about how your body systems are functioning. It can give a clear insight to which direction treatment needs to go in order for you start healing and feeling better.

This situation was a reality for a client of mine that presented to me late last year. My client is a 33 year old Male and he came to see me due to his inability to lose weight, despite eating healthily and kept very active exercising 5 to 6 days a week.

He mentioned that he thought he may be insulin resistance but  said “ I went to a doc who said he didn’t believe in insulin resistance so that put me off and I never got the test done”.

Now for starters, there is definitely such a thing as Insulin Resistance and it is supported by a substantial amount of research.

Lets start at the beginning so we are all on the same page… Insulin is a hormone which is made by our Pancreas, an organ located behind the stomach. Insulin’s job is to enable our body to utilise glucose (sugar) from carbohydrates in food to either be used as energy or to be stored for later use. When someone is insulin resistant it means their cells are unable to effectively use insulin and cells cannot absorb glucose. This results in higher blood glucose levels, which can lead to Type 2 Diabetes.

During his initial consultation he revealed he;

  • Has a strong family history of  Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Has lost 40 kgs at ages 17, 22 and 32. Only to put the weight back on.
  • His energy levels were medium being a 5 out of 10.
  • He wakes 1 to 2 times through the night.
  • Feels very fatigued in the mornings.
  • He did not feel he was stressed but thinks he mind can be busy at times.
  • Digestive system appeared healthy and strong.

Interestingly he did have a history or experimenting with gym supplements, in particular took a dose of testosterone boosting supplements and did not follow with oestrogen blockers.

Let me stop there…when a male decides to take testosterone boosting supplements he will follow with an oestrogen blocking supplement, this oestrogen blocking supplement is to reduce the oestrogen and further increase testosterone. Whether I agree or disagree with this practice is not the purpose of this blog, so I am not going to comment on this. What I do want to show you is the interesting test results.

Before I continue, I would like to point out that my client did raise the fact that he suspected he had hormonal imbalance, in particular a higher oestrogen level due to him not taking a blocker in the past.

I sent him back to his GP to order some testing so he could get his testing bulk billed.

As you can see in the result, unfortunately Oestrogen was not tested at all despite my client requesting a full hormonal profile including Oestrogen. From a glance all these results look normal as they are all within the range, which is exactly what my client was told at his appointment. His testosterone is on the lower end of the scale, but I definitely wanted to see what his oestrogen levels were.

We sent off for a salivary hormone profile.

My client clearly has an excess of oestrogen. His Oestradiol (E2)  should be between 1-6 and he was 18, and his Oestrone (E1) should be between 9.6-20 and he was at 20.

I also requested him to have an insulin resistance test.

His results showed he had a moderate Insulin Resistance Score and a high fasting blood glucose score of 5.5 (range 3.5-6).

Needless to say my client was very surprised with his results and happy he finally had some answers to explain what was going on.

We commenced his natural treatment plan immediately specifically targeting hormonal and blood sugar balancing.  This is just one example of why you should be taking an interest and looking very closely at your test results.

If you receive “normal” results and still feel unwell, it may be your turn to seek a more holistic approach  to investigate further.

If you would like a more information or a Naturopathic review on your test results  please contact Kathryn on 0433848828 or email

Ladies, We Need To Talk!

For some reason women are ashamed to talk about their feminine areas when they are unwell. I wanted to write this because I am hearing from my female clients regularly they are given terrible health advice (or lack of) on what to do when there are infections or how to prevent them.

First and foremost Men if you’re reading this and you are getting squeamish, please go and be immature somewhere else. The last thing your lady needs if for you to be “disgusted” by her being unwell. What if the role was reversed I am sure she would be running to the health food shop or chemist to get anything to help you right?

Two main types of infections

Ok so lets break it down, the two most common infections of our vaginas is a yeast infection called  thrush or a bacterial infection called Bacterial Vaginosis. Both of which are more common that what you think and I am sure this is because us ladies do not like to share if we are experiencing this. We may tell our GP, Naturopath or best friend and that’s it. Some ladies have confessed they are too embarrassed to tell their partners so lie about having their period so they don’t have to have sex with them.

What’s The Difference?

The major difference between these two conditions is if there is a fishy odour down there, you have the bacterial infection called Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). If you are itching and burning around the vulva and have a white cottage discharge then you will have thrush.

Discharge Is Normal.

Discharge can range from white and thick to clear and sticky at different times in the month due to hormonal fluctuations.  Generally when the discharge becomes sticky it is a sign of ovulation as it helps accommodate the sperm to travel to your uterus. As a rule of thumb the discharge should never be yellow or green, if you see this then you are most likely suffering from an infection.  In Thrush your discharge may have a yeast smell to it, similar to beer. You may also see a discharge in BV however it is more grey in colour and has a paste like texture.

Why Does This Happen?

Bacterial Vaginosis occurs when there is an imbalance in the pH of your vagina. In a healthy vagina, the pH is acidic usually around 3.5 to 4.5 and there is an array of beneficial bacteria present to help fight of infection. When this imbalance occurs, the bad bacteria are given the opportunity to flourish and have a party. Thrush occurs when there is an overgrowth of yeast. Normally the yeast is kept at a minimal. However when your good bacteria is reduced say through antiobiotic treatment, the yeast are able to grow and colonise.

Things That Can Raise pH.

  • Feminine hygiene washes can have a pH of 5.5 or higher so it is better to not use these regularly.
  • During our periods our pH is raised as blood has a pH of 7.4.
  • Semen has a pH range of 7.1 to 8 so even if you are on the pill, it is a good idea to use condoms if you are susceptible to infections.

So what can you do on a daily basis to keep your vagina happy?

Don’t Live in Your Active Wear.

Yes I know it can be tempting to want to show off your new Lulu Lemon tights at the shops straight after your gym session. Well it isn’t the best idea as the material does not breathe easily and holds sweat close to the skin. Your new favourite tights may look amazing but they are also very clever at encouraging growth of pathogens by encouraging a warm and moist environment! Keep your active wear on for short periods of time and let your girl breathe!

Reduce Sugar.

Yeast and Bacteria love sugar which is why you will have uncontrollable sugar cravings if you are suffering with BV or Thrush. But avoid at all costs! Indulging in sugar only exacerbates your infection and uncomfortable symptoms as well as lower your immune function. So give the dessert a miss!

Increase Good Bacteria.

Everything stems from the health of your gut. You will be more susceptible to BV and Thrush if you are not eating the right foods to encourage a larger population of beneficial bacteria. Supplementing with a good quality probiotic is a great way to ensure you are increasing your good bacteria. Make sure your capsule or powder contains the strain Lactobacillus Acidophilus, as this is the specific strain which will help fight the overgrowth of yeast and bad bacteria while boosting your immune system.

Pee After Sex.

Urine helps flush or clear bad bacteria. This is  important to prevent another type of infection in the urinary tract. This is due to urine being acidic and it is able to flush out any bad bacteria left over from intercourse. The female urethra is short and is at a close proximity to the anus. It is common for bad bacteria to make their way into our urethra during the act so even if you don’t feel like you need to go, as soon as you have finished go to the toilet!

If you suffer from Thrush or BV regularly please contact for more information on how to prevent these uncomfortable infections for good!

It’s Time To Kick Off The Shoes And Go Barefoot

These days walking Barefoot is a foreign concept. Most of us wear shoes everywhere we go; around the house, in the car and outside.

Did You know that by constantly wearing shoes you are missing out on some pretty great health benefits?

Next time you are outside remove your shoes and walk barefoot on the ground in particular on the grass if there is some close by. There is a name for this, It’s the action of feeling the soles of your feet connect with the surface of the Earth. It’s called Grounding and has a “feel good” effect similar to that feeling of the warmth of the sun on your skin.

Humans are electrical beings and we produce positive charges on a regular basis. If these charges are at an excess, they have the potential to oxidise and become harmful to our health.

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published results that showed within the surface of the Earth there is a limitless and renewed amount of free electrons due to the global atmospheric electron circuit. So the Science behind the positive effects of grounding are that when we walk barefoot on the ground, our feet are able to absorb the Earths negative electrons.

Over time technology and introduction of modern lifestyle essentials have “removed” us from mother nature and as result disconnected us from the electrical potential of the Earths surface. We continually sleep off the ground, we wear shoes with rubber or plastic soles and in turn are removing ourselves from the electrical environment stabilisation of cells, tissues and organs.

Specialising in Stress and Sleep Issues, this is where barefoot walking really excites me. Evidence from research supports the theory that the negative potential from the Earth can support a “stable internal bioelectrical environment which means the body as a whole will be functioning better. In particular the effects may enable regulating of the natural body clock via secretion of Cortisol.

Research suggests that walking barefoot outdoors will encourage free radicals to be neutralised within the body helping inflammation to be reduced both at an acute and chronic level. Results published in the Journal of Environment and Public Health showed that Grounding had positive improvements on the following health issues;

  • Sleep Disturbance
  • Sleep Apnoea
  • Chronic Muscle Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Respiratory Conditions Such As Asthma.
  • Stress
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Stress
  • Energy
  • Immune System Acitivity
  • Fasting Glucose Levels In Diabetics

The Journal of Environmental and Public Health states that grounding may be a simple, natural, and yet profoundly effective environmental strategy against chronic stress, ANS [autonomic nervous system] dysfunction, inflammation, pain, poor sleep, disturbed HRV [heart rate variability], hypercoagulable blood, and many common health disorders, including cardiovascular disease’’.

So how do we reap these benefits from this barefoot task?

Researchers suggest that if you are aiming to reduce pain and stress you may see results walking barefoot for 30 to 80 minutes daily. So next time you are outside please, take off your shoes and absorb Mother Natures negative electrons.

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Why You Should Trust Me as Your Naturopath

Naturopaths have gained popularity in the past few years with more and more of the public seeking natural health alternatives. But which Naturopath should you see? Well I want to share my experience with Natural Medicine and Why You Should Trust Me as Your Naturopath.

When I was 16 years old I was constantly run down,  I was the girl with tonsillitis, just ask my friends from high school. I skipped meals, I over exercised and I craved sugar all the time. I also did not think Sleep was important and would regularly run off 4-5 hours sleep. Needless to say I was constantly tired. On the outside I seemed to be “healthy” only just with a lower immune system than most kids my age. But I was always eating salads, would refuse lollies or chocolates when offered in social scenarios and I kept active playing lots of sports and exercising to keep slim.

It wasn’t until I saw a Naturopath, that I realised what healthy felt like.

My Mum took me a long to a clinic in Mt Lawley and I remember seeing the Naturopath call us in and her skin looked immaculate. She was very slim and full of energy. I immediately thought I trust this lady, I need to take her advice. She put my views on being healthy into the bin and started telling me truth.

 I was like most teenage girls, I read Cosmo, wanted to be skinny and believed every TV and Celebrity when they said what you should do to lose weight. I assumed eating a bowl of just right and flavoured yoghurt in the morning was healthy because that’s what it said on the packaging? I also thought leaving protein out of my salad was better for me because it was nice and light and I didn’t feel “full” after eating it. I thought I needed to exercise constantly even when I had tonsillitis because otherwise I would get fat.

All these things were sending me down the path to ill health and thank god I saw Natalie when I did. She treated me with herbal medicine, fixed my nutritional deficiencies with healthy eating and nutritional supplements.

Year 12 came along and we were all advised we should be applying to Uni’s and going to their open days to learn more about our preferred courses.  As I lined up behind 50 eager 17 year old girls at the Mass Communications and Commerce Line I thought “is this how popular this course is, geez going to be a tough industry “.

The next week I visited an open day for a Natural Medicine College, where I fell in love and my passion came alive. As I sat and heard the lecturers speak it all made sense and something inside me made me feel comfortable and it felt right. I then went into another room where a final year Naturopath student gave me a complementary Iris reading, This final year student shared information about my low immune system and eating habits that she would not have known. She told me to eat more protein and that I needed to stop eating in a hurry.

This was the icing on the cake where I just knew it was for me.

6 years later I became a fully qualified Naturopath and was eager to start my own business and help clients just like my Naturopath helped me. Unfortunately there was one aspect of being qualified that my training had not prepared me for..starting a small business!

The day to day hardships of running a small business alone soon became a reality and I had to seek full time work in another field to supplement an income while I built a client base up after hours and weekends. 3.5 years later I am in a much nicer position working more hours in my business than ever before and enjoying every second of it.

Life is busy, stressful, hard and a huge emotional rollercoaster…even for a health professional! When times are tough we have to sit back and tell ourselves all the things we tell our beautiful clients. We have to take off our practitioner hat from time to time and spend some time on ourselves and focus on what our own body is telling us.

I specialise in Stress and Sleep issues because I know first hand exactly how those two aspects of health can affect your quality of life.

I have been the stressed run down sugar craving person that regularly walks into my clinic. I know what herbs work because I take them myself, regularly! If I had not used natural medicine to heal myself I worry about the path I would have gone down, because I would still be that person believing every TV show, magazine article and celebrity endorsed diet which are not true representation of health.

If this sounds like you then please let me to show you how it feels to get through your day with energy and a calm state of mind.

Mind Body Health

In order to have a healthy mind, you need a healthy body and in order to have a healthy body you need to have a healthy mind.

Mind Body Health is vital for wellness and this concept was re-iterated through a podcast. The guest speakers on this particular podcast were talking about a wide variety of health issues but the one topic that really resonated with me was their perspective on cancer.

One of the guest speakers was talking about her own personal experience with cancer and how she saw the illness as a positive impact on her life. This perspective on cancer is not heard regularly. Yes, we hear cancer survivors speak of their journey and how the illness impacted their life but I have never heard someone speak of being diagnosed with cancer as a blessing.

This lady was diagnosed in her early twenties and she explained that she was enjoying her life in a very unhealthy way. She was partying a lot, drinking a lot of alcohol, dabbling in illicit drugs and was not eating well. She said her health was not a priority and despite being shown small alarms of illness developing before the cancer developed she continued to ignore all symptoms because she “Was having too much fun”.

Hearing this made me think of all the young adults out there, even into their 30s and 40s possibly living this kind of life not considering their health as a priority.

The way she spoke about Cancer was so inspiring, how it was a wake up call for her to make changes and begin to live a healthy life.  Cancer is not some mysterious illness that just develops overnight. How you live your life and what you put into your body every single day will determine your risk for preventing or encouraging illness. You have the power to choose how your body is going to function and in result how healthy you are.

The podcast continued on to a conversation around the power of thought and how much impact our thoughts and attitude have on our life. There are so many individuals out there living with such a negative outlook on life hating where they are, what they do for work, what they look like etc.

One piece of advice I took away from the pod cast was how much we can change just by changing the way we think about things.

Fall back in love with you, your life and think about what you want to achieve in your years spent on this planet.

Stop hating yourself and start accepting yourself and if you want to change something about your life set goals and do whatever you possibly can to achieve them.

One simple thing you can start now is writing an affirmation for yourself to look at every day for the next week.

“I fully approve of who I am, even as I get better.”

Stick this affirmation where ever you will see it regularly for the next week (on the bathroom mirror, back of the toilet door, in your car or on your fridge etc.) Say it out loud every day as many times as you like (Even if you feel silly doing it).

Once you start to believe the words you are saying, you will be amazed at the positive changes that can happen.

What Happens In An Initial Naturopathic Consultation?

I have been asked to explain what happens in an Initial Naturopathic Consultation quite a few times as of late, so I thought would share so you can be informed before booking an initial consultation.

Every Naturopath will do things slightly differently depending on their speciality, how they were trained and how their business is run.  Having said that, any initial case taking with a Naturopath will be in depth and very thorough. This quality of our industry is why we are known as holistic health practitioners as we assess each client as a whole.

Before the consultation

When a client books an initial consultation with me, I ask them to visit my website and complete an online health history form.

This generally will take the client around 10 minutes and can be done at a time convenient to them. This means the 10 minutes they take to complete this form is done prior to their appointment and does not cut into the consultation time. The form also prepares the client for what type of questions I will be asking.

The form includes questions regarding the client’s health complaints, medical history, family history, current medications, supplements and typical diet information.

At the Consultation

At the initial consultation I will ask the client about their health complaints listed, how long they have been experiencing these and anything relevant that could be contributing to these symptoms. I will then assess how the body systems are functioning (digestive, endocrine , hepatic, circulatory, immune, reproductive and musculoskeletal etc.) I will then assess stress levels, sleep health, evaluate diet and lifestyle.

After dietary evaluation I will then proceed with iris analysis (study the coloured part of the eye) tongue and nail analysis.

Completion of the consultation

Towards the completion of the initial consultation I will confirm the treatment priorities of the client as by this point there may be a lot going on that I would consider a priority. This is where I will evaluate the client’s wishes and what he or she is prepared to take in regard to liquid herbs, supplements and dietary modifications. I will also get an idea of budget also, as I work within the client’s limitations and make their tailored treatment plan affordable and convenient for them.

The initial consultation should not take longer than 45 minutes and unless there is something I need to prescribe immediately, I will then spend some time researching the client’s symptoms, health condition/s and possible treatment options. I will make sure any of my natural medicine prescription will not interfere or contraindicate in any of their medications that the client may be taking. I generally will ask the client to return in 1-2 days time to receive their tailored treatment plan.

Natural medicine is not a quick fix

I encourage all clients to take responsibility of their own health. Results will come with commitment and perseverance. This means the advice I give to you will need to be applied daily and you will need to make some changes.

Chances are that you have been experiencing the unwanted symptoms for a while and feeling better will not happen overnight. I like to explain this in the analogy of planting a seedling. In order for that seedling to grow and flourish you need to spend time planting, fertilising and watering on a regular basis.

Think of your body in the same way, you need to feed your body whole food nutrition, provide your body with adequate sleep, exercise and hydrate every day.

Naturopathic principles